KCWT Library

The links below will connect you to listings of Books, Tapes and DVD’s in our library that cover the many aspects of Woodturning. We will be adding to the collection as new materials become available, so check the list regularly.

Library materials are available for loan at no charge to members for a 30 day period. They will be considered overdue after 60 days and will accrue a fine of $1 a month thereafter.

Woodturning DVD’S
Woodturning Books

Let our club librarians know if there are any books or videos you think they should get for the library index.html

Demonstration Handouts and Miscellaneous:

Phill Sikes Demo – Obtaining and Turning Greenwood.
Franklin Adhesives Rep Bob Behnke Demo – Using Titebond Woodworking Glues.
Clint Stevens Demo – Making and Designing a Human Form Woodturning.
Plans by Kevin Neelley – How To Make a Cutoff Segment Flipper For Your Table Saw.
Phill Sikes Demo – Turning a Photo Ornament.
Kris Coyan Demo – Turning a Square To Round Toothpick Dispenser.
Efi Kamara Demo – Turning a Six Sided Bowl.
Mike Mahoney Danish Oil Finish by Mike Thomas.
Dave Stalling Demo – Turning a Time Catcher.
Larry Randolph Demo – Coloring Bowls Demo Resource Sheet.
Mike Thomas Demo – Making Lidded Boxes for Fun and Profit. Mike shows how to turn a small Every Day Carry box.
Kevin Neelley shows how to fix an out of round bowl and make it round enough to turn.
Tom Boley Demo – How To Turn 4 Types of Natural Edge Bowls
Tom Boley Hands-On Class – How To Turn a Platter or Plate
Kris Coyan demo handout – Making a Desktop Roulette top game
Kurt Hertzog – Making Stick Pens
Don Frank demo handout: Plastics for Repairs and Effects
Frank Penta Platter handout
Hollowing from the bottom instructions
Mike McReynolds demo handout: Steps for Making a Mystic Box
Kris Coyan demo handout: Steps for Turning Bobbins
Kevin Neelley demo handout: Chart for Turning a Perfect Sphere
Stuart Shanker’s Adjustable Carving Stand