Miscellaneous Info and Handouts

AAW Education: Teachers Resource and Project Guide: Teachers Resource and Project Guide

Craft Supplies: Turning a Cheeseboard Tile: Turning a Cheeseboard Tile

Frank Penta Demo Handout: Turning and Detailing Platter Bases: Turning and Detailing Platter Bases

Kris Coyan Demo Handout 8-8-16: Hollowing From the Bottom Instructions

Kevin Neelley’s Sphere Cutting Chart 5-14-16: Sphere Cutting Chart for Lathe

Howard Russell Demo 5-9-16: Balanced Bowls from AAW Article

Tom Boley Demo Handout 2-20-16: Turning Natural Edge Bowls

Tom Boley Demo Handout 2-20-16: How To Turn A Platter

Tony Giordano, Jr., Demo Handout 10-10-16: Finishes Presentation

Jack Karstens Demo Handout 11-14-16: Inside Out Presentation