Open Lathe Saturday/Thursday

Our Club’s original lease included three Open Lathe half-days. The Club’s Board decided to pay extra rent to have Open Lathe for more half-days. Now we have ten Open Lathe half-days. Volunteers open the clubhouse for Open Lathe, stay available for questions during the open time, then close the clubhouse back up. The Club requests that all Open Lathe attendees donate $2 per use into the Donation Bowl to help defray extra rent and equipment wear and tear. The club also requests that Open Lathe attendees thoroughly clean their lathe area after use as well as the other tools used, like the bandsaw, drill press, and grinder and empty the trash cans and vacuum cleaners. Please leave the clubhouse lathe room cleaner than you found it. Thank you from your Club.


Open Lathe Days and Times:

  • Open every SATURDAY MORNING of the month from 8:30am until Noon.
  • Open every THURSDAY EVENING of the month from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.


Open Lathe Volunteers:

  • 1st David Alexander (816-753-1940).
  • 2nd Shaun McMahon (913-908-0245).
  • 3rd Jack Karstens (913-897-4301) and Efi Kamara (913-451-4511).
  • 4th Shaun McMahon (913-908-0245).
  • 5th Jack Karstens (913-897-4301) and Efi Kamara (913-451-4511).
  • 1st Anthony Harris (913-648-2027).
  • 2nd Ken Moberg (816-447-1665).
  • 3rd Aron Crittendon (417-593-1218), Don Grimes (913-962-2060).
  • 4th Kris Coyan (913-579-9152) and Don Grimes (913-962-2060).
  • 5th Aron Crittendon (417-593-1218), Don Grimes (913-962-2060).