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Nelson-Atkins Gift Shop 2022
Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum Giftshop purchased six woodturnings from three KC Woodturners artists: 3 turnings from Kris Coyan, 2 turnings from Anthony Harris, and 1 turning from Mike Erickson.

KC Irish Fest 2021
This is our club’s tent at the 2021 KC Irish Fest. Shaun McMahon did a lot of the legwork setting up this event. Many people demonstrated turning for the Fair goers as well as helped sell the woodturnings. The left photo shows Bill Paullo and Wendy Lythgoe. The right photo shows Anthony Harris and Ed Jaszczak.

Kevin's Phone Case
This is Kevin’s iPhone case. Kevin also made one for Shaun using a $100 laser engraver. Yes…Take a walk on the ROUND SIDE.

July 2021 Meeting
The KC Woodturners meeting on July 12th 2021 was the first Face-to-Face meeting we have had, due to Covid-19, in over a year. 30 members were in physical attendance and several more attended by Zoom. Jack Karstens ran the AV system. Kevin Neelley ran the Zoom meeting. KC Woodturner member Rick Bywater gave a great demo on using resins in woodturning. Everything worked out great.

KCMO Library Display 2 2021
The KC Woodturners are again displaying their woodturnings at the new KCMO Mid-Continent Public Libary. This the second three-month display that the KC woodturners has done at this library. We have heard there were many good comments on the display. The KCWT artists displaying their work are E. David Burks, Rick Bywater, Jerry Darter, Ed Jaszczak, Kevin Neelley, and David Stallings.

Annual Picnic 2021
The Annual KC Woodturners Picnic was at Shawnee Mission Park in Shelter House #6 on 6-19-2021. It was a beautiful warm day for a picnic and we, as usual, has a nice breeze off the lake. Kevin Neelley took care of the picnic logistics. Kris Coyan and Mike Thomas cooked burgers and hot dogs to perfection. A great time was had by all.

May Fair Event 2021
The KC Woodturners participated in the May Fair event at the Northland Theraputic Riding Center at 13608 Henson Rd, Holt, MO 64048 on 5-8-2021. This event was a sales success for both the KC Woodturners and the NTRC. The KC Woodturner volunteers for this evant were Mark Inmon, Sue Bergstrand, Ed Jaszczak, Anthony Harris, and Mike Thomas.

Library Exhibit 2021
Five KC Woodturners are displaying their work at a three-month long exhibit at the Mid-Continent Public Library, located at 8900 NE Flintlock Road, KCMO.  This library is the crown jewel of all the libraries in the KCMO system. The Artists whose work is displayed are: Kris Coyan, Bob Davis, Don Frank, Jerry McMaster and Kevin Neelley.

Lathe Room Cleanup 3-6-2021
This is our first lathe room cleanup of the year. It really needed it. A lot of volunteers came to clean and they did a really great job. Thanks to everybody involved, Saturday 3/6/2021. Here are some of the members that volunteered: Darrell Agee, David Alexander, Sue Bergstrom, Kris Coyan, Aron Crittendon, Anthony Harris, Chuck Levenson, Don Martin, Phil Royer, and I’m sure I left a couple people out.

Flute Wood Sale Crew 2021
Flute wood sale crew at the Clubhouse, Saturday 2/27/2021. There were more members that helped. Mike Thomas is taking the photo. L to R: Ed Jaszczak, Anthony Harris, Ann Mellina, Chuck Levenson, Kevin Neelley, Mark Inmon, David Alexander, Sue Bergstrand, Kris Coyan. A big thanks to all that helped.

Spindle Class 2020
Anthony Harris demonstrating a technique for the students at his Basic Spindle class in 2020.

Artisans in the Garden 2020
The KC Woodturners made and donated 220 Freedom Pens to our troops overseas in 2020. Mark Inmon (smiling) was the goto guy for the effort. Thanks to all the members who contributed their time and efforts for this great cause.

Artisans in the Garden 2020
Our booth at Artisans at the Garden 2020. Jack Karstens, Ann Mellina, and Mike Thomas smiling for the camera.

Tom Boley Hands-On Class 2019 Tom Boley Hands-On Class 2019. The class displays their platters.

Irish Fest 2019 Irish Fest 2019. Left: Mike Thomas selling our turned products. Note Ed Jaszczak’s great display stands. Right: Anthony Harris turning for several interested onlookers.

Eli Avisera Hansa-On Class 2019 Eli Avisera Hands-On Class 2019. All his student had a great time and learned a lot.

2019 Excellence in Wood The Maker Faire was at KC Union Station. We demonstrated woodturning (Anthony Harris is turning), sold woodturned items (Efi Kamara and David Blair), and signed up new members.2019 Excellence in Wood One of our three tables at the March 2019 Excellence in Wood Show and Sale at the John Knox Village Pavillion. Kevin Neelley won Grand Master category at the show.2019 Artisans in the Gardens Our booth at the January 2019 Artisans in the Gardens at the Overland Park Arboretum. KCWT President Mike Thomas explaining some finer points of woodturning. Ann Mellina is taking the photo.[/caption]


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The Kansas City Woodturners (KCWT) is a non-profit chapter of The American Association of Woodturners and serves woodturners in the Kansas (KS & MO) metropolitan area.  Members gain and share knowledge, learn how to use woodturning  lathes, save money with our sponsors and get to see how demonstrations from the pros.  We invite anybody interested in woodturning, or in learning about woodturning to join as a member.

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American Association of Woodturners

The Kansas City Woodturners are a 501(c)(3) non-profit chapter of, The American Association of Woodturners and Serve Woodturners in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Kansas City Woodturners (KCWT) Workshop

The Kansas City Woodturners own 12 lathes of various sizes and brands for our members who don’t have their own, or would like to try out a different lathe before buying.

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Home of the Kansas City Woodturners



We invite you to visit us and attend one of our meetings. We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month.  Meetings start at 7:00pm.

We meet at:
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Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization, about woodturning and about how you can join.